abe-trading-company-llp – ABE CORPORATION



The core activities of ABE TRADING COMPANY LLP are:

  • Commercial intermediary and commercial procurement activities;
  • Trade in fuels and lubricants, special vehicles, components for machinery, construction materials including but not limited to crushed stone, timber, scrap metal;
  • Civil works;
  • Production of metal-plastic, metal structures, concrete products;
  • Industrial, civil construction, design, installation, commissioning and repair work at various facilities including but not limited to the following facilities:
      • Auto and railways;
      • Means of communication, heat, gas, water, power supply, sewerage and others;
      • Artificial constructions;
      • Engineering services;
      • Manufacture of building structures, products and materials;
      • Transport services;
      • Creation, operation of social and household infrastructure facilities, provision of paid services to the population, etc.

The Company is engaged in other types of activities not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Highly qualified personnel make it possible to quickly respond to any needs of customers.

The Company has established contacts with many suppliers and dealers of large-sized equipment, vehicles, construction materials, fuels and lubricants, etc.