Bek-Security Limited Liability Partnership is under the management of ABE Corporation JSC as a subject of security activities. It has been operating in the security services market of Kazakhstan for more than 16 years and ensures the security of state and industrial facilities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Security Activity Law dated 19.10.2000).

The company has a license No.000321 and all the required material, technical and labor resources to provide all types of security services throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan.


In accordance with the Security Activity Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 19.10.2000, all applicants appointed to the position of a security guard of Bek-Security LLP with no appropriate documents undergo the professional training in special training centers of the Security Providers Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other educational centers to obtain Security Guard Certificates. A prerequisite for hiring is the absence of a criminal record and various mental and drug addictions.

Bek-Security LLP cooperates closely with law enforcement agencies and state and public organizations on security issues.

The Bek-Security management is personally responsible for compliance and implementation of all principles fixed in the company’s policy and in the requirements of the international standard STRK ISO 9001.

It should be noted that over the past 10 years, there weren’t any facts regarding litigation and other proceedings related to our work.

Security guards of Bek-Security LLP are fully provided with special branded uniforms.

In order to organize the constant duty at the post with a duty weapon, the company draws up the appropriate permits in the Licensing Service under the Department of Internal Affairs of the regions for the right to carry, store and use duty smooth-bore weapon.

Security procedures are carried out by Bek-Security LLP at more than 20 objects of various categories of security complexity.


The company’s weapon structure consists only of smooth-bore weapons for single shots of 12/76 caliber including Saiga-410, Vepr-12 hummer, MP-133, MP-135, ИЖ-181 Winchesters, Benelly. All available weapons have passed the obligatory zeroing at specialized shooting ranges.

During the entire period of our company’s work, no cases of the use of service weapons have been registered.

The company’s official vehicles fleet includes 18 units, among them 2 buses of the Toyota Coaster brand, 3 minibuses of the Gazelle brand with a capacity of 11 people, as well as 13 light vehicles.

In order to arrange a mobile rapid response team (MRRT), all-terrain vehicles (Lada-21214) are used. They are all equipped with an additional mobile radio station. The travel time from the dumping point to the object will be no more than 5 minutes.

Certificate of ISO 9001-2009 (ISO 9001: 2008) – Quality Management System was obtained on April 6, 2016, No.KZO.02.0028, КСС No. 0052373, KZ. 7500028, 07.03.00114 by implementing the ISO standards into the daily activities and documentation of our company. During the implementation process, the internal and external audits were carried out. All the identified shortcomings and inconsistencies were eliminated.

The Certificate is valid until April 6, 2019. It was issued by Kazakhstan Certification Center LLP in Almaty to confirm the management system compliance.

Theoretical and practical classes are held for the company’s employees involved in MRRT. They develop their skills for possible extreme situations.