Leasing of premises, catering


Leasing of premises, catering

The assets of Temirzhol Kurylys Atyrau LLP include office, residential and industrial premises for rent.

These premises are guarded around the clock, equipped with indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras, diesel generators to provide electricity and convenient parking for employees and visitors.

The following facilities are located on the territory of the shift camp:

  • Accommodations equipped with furniture, television, shower rooms and other provisions in full compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards;
  • Medical station equipped with all the necessary medical facilities and tools; qualified trained medical personnel and ambulances;
  • A dining room for 200 seats providing three hot meals a day. The food intake includes a strictly balanced amount of products required to maintain shape and performance throughout the business day;
  • Laundry equipped with powerful industrial washing machines.

AksayAvtoTrans JSC meets the needs of the Karachaganak field developers by leasing premises for various purposes:

  • Production premises to maintain and repair the vehicles of Karachaganak field developers;
  • Production premises of the training center;
  • Warehouses for storage of equipment, spare parts and materials;
  • Open area for parking equipment and storage of containers;
  • Office rooms;
  • Hotel complex providing comfortable rooms;

All production and other premises of AksayAvtoTrans JSC are provided with modern equipment, fire alarm system and meet all safety requirement