Scientific developments in the field of building materials technologies


Scientific developments in the field of building materials technologies

NIISTROMPROJECT LLP was established in 1931 as the first technical institute in Kazakhstan. Today, it is the leading research center in the field of technology of construction materials and products.

The Institute possesses (1) the latest scientific and technical developments for innovative technologies and operation of factories to produce effective types of construction materials and products, (2) technologies and compositions of self-compacting, extra high-strength, extra light sound-absorbing, sound-insulating types of concrete, (3) the technology of external and internal enclosing structures made of monolithic foam concrete.


  • Technology of domestic chemical additives-modifiers for the production of construction materials based on by-products of petrochemical, chemical, oil and fat and other industries.
  • Technology for the production of basalt fiber and fiber-reinforced concrete.
  • Obtaining refractory and ceramic materials on the basis of ashes from thermal power plants (TPP).
  • The Institute has developed and implemented optimized concrete compositions based on the latest generation of hyperplasticizers with improved physical and economic performance