Course of construction of gas chemical facility in Atyrau

The first polyprolylene gas chemical facility in the country is under construction in Atyrau region. Press-service of “KazMunayGas” invited to the tour to construction site 50 kilometers from Atyrau.
In 2015 project operator of Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries signed an EPC contract with Chinese national chemical engineering company. Practical realization of this important to the country facility started in 2017. Gas chemical facility is aimed at production of 500 thousand tons of polypropylene per year.

In June 2018 “NC “KazMunayGas” JSC took the project in trust management, kicking construction process realization from 6% to current 83%.

“Kazinterfrakt” participates in construction of this facility.

Over 2 200 employees participate in construction of the facility, 900 of which are foreigners, who will leave construction site upon competing their mission. We expect that upon commissioning the facility, over 500 workplaces will be available for Kazakhstani employees. 

31 local companies participate to construction. Capacitive, heat-exchange, electric equipment, tubular and cable products were produced by domestic plants, most of which is already delivered to the construction site. These orders have multiplicative effect to the national economy.

This is a future polypropylene plant. Technologists call it propane dehydration plant. Raw material – propane will be delivered by railway, and processed on the plant to derive polypropylene. Right now technological equipment is under installation.

This plant is for production of the final product – granulated polypropylene.

Rectification column is the most large-sized equipment produced in Kazakhstan. There are no such columns on any large industrial facility of the country. It serves to separation of propane-propylene fraction and derivation of propylene of required purity. Column is 105 meters high, 8.4 meters in diameter, and weighs 1 100 tons. Complete set weighs 1 500 tons, with a volume of 5 132 cubic meters. It was produced by domestic enterprise “AtyrauNefteMash” plant.

Propane dehydration plant comprises of 8 reactors. Raw material is heated before put into reactor. While one group of reactors dehydrates propane, other reactors evacuate reaction products, heats and burns out coke, which is condensed on the catalyzer during propane dehydration reaction.

Taking into account strict quality and reliability requirements, most of essentially important technological equipment was produced on the plants in Germany, Belgium, USA, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.

Tank battery for propane serves to receive liquefied propane gas from discharge jetty, its further storage and supply to technological plant for propane dehydration.

Tank battery consists of 4 storage capacities of liquefied propane gas (bullet tanks) with a volume of 2 500 cubic meters each, 42 meters lengths, and weighs 532 tons.

2 071 units of supplementary equipment were delivered to construction project. 1 173 units are on the way.

8 Kazakhstani enterprises are attracted to production and delivery of metal structures. When determining suppliers, a focus was put on availability of sufficient producing capacity, quality and production time. 28 378 tons of metal structures were delivered, 10 500 tons of which are from Kazakhstan. 24 137 are already installed.

Siemens compressors were installed on the foundation. Currently specialists of Siemens participate in adjusting compressors.

Here performs the process of extrusion of powder obtained from the polymerization reactor into granules. Major equipment, extruders are supplied by German plant Coperion.

According to KPI assurance, construction works will be completed by the end of fall 2021, demonstrational run will be conducted in December, and since March 2022 a new plant will be commercially operated. It is expected that small and medium size businesses will also be interested in manufacturing products based on polypropylene, which will facilitate development of related sectors.